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Stirling Sub Aqua Club

Training with Scottish Sub Aqua Club

Stirling Sub Aqua Club is a branch of the Scottish Sub Aqua Club (SCOTSAC), the governing body for diving in Scotland.

ScotSAC develops the courses, provides the training materials and the holds the required insurances. The ScotSAC diving awards are recognised all over the world. The awards include practical training sessions and assessments in the pool and open water (usually the sea).

Why train with Stirling Sub Aqua?

Being a large and active club we have many experienced Branch and Regional Instructors.

Stirling's instructors will tailor and guide you through the training at your pace.

It's important to us that you enjoy diving and gain real experience, only progressing once you feel confident in your new abilities.

What Qualifications can I get?

Branch Diver Award

The entry level dive award and allows you to dive up to 15m in conditions found in all UK waters.

Sport Diver Award

The most common held qualification which allows you to dive to 30m, opening up the vast majority of the world's dive sites.

Master Diver Award

An advanced diving qualification which allows you to dive to 40m.

First Class Diver Award

The highest level of qualification from ScotSAC that recognises a wide range of diving experiences and a commitment to the sport of diving.

I'm Already Qualified

So you're already qualified through another organisation, but would like to join an active club? You're more than welcome.

We have many divers that have been trained by other organisations (like PADI or BSAC). ScotSAC provides cross-over programmes for various levels of diving qualifications.

Can I become an Instructor?

Absoloutely. Becoming an instructor is an excellent way to develop your skills.

Branch Instructor Award

This is the core instructor award, allowing you to instruct new members at their own Branch.

Regional Instructor Award

This is the next level of ScotSAC Instructor Award and aims to develop Instructors to a standard suitable for a wider range of training within and beyond the club.

What does it Cost?

Check out the page about joining for a break down of the costs.

You do have to be a member of ScotSAC and Stirling Sub Aqua Club to be trained.

The instructors are members of the club and provide their services for free.

All the training materials and equipment for pool training is included in the membership.

You can rent club equipment once you've started your open water training.